Canadians have developed invisible material for the uniform of the military (2 photos + video)

Military Camouflage Developersalways sought to create a kind of "invisible hat" that hides soldiers from the eyes of enemies. The Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology, famous for the release of unique samples of camouflage uniforms, has come close to solving the problem of absolute shelter of fighters from the enemy.

Quantum developed in the bowels of the companyStealth, the patent application for which was filed in October 2018. Thin, light and not requiring additional energy sources, the material can be indispensable during special operations and in combat conditions, since all the objects hidden behind Quantum Stealth become almost invisible.

It is noteworthy that the material can not be usedonly to disguise personnel. The use of Quantum Stealth for camouflage nets can cause tanks, heavy artillery, cars and other large equipment to “disappear” from the enemy’s field of vision. The flyer states the possibility of hiding even buildings. This effect occurs when reflected light is reflected from the material. According to the developers, Quantum Stealth can "work" in the range of light radiation from ultraviolet to infrared.

Demo shows how the militaryusing Quantum Stealth, they can hide tanks and planes from the enemy. The video shows models of military equipment made to scale. It is hoped. That in real conditions the material will demonstrate the same unique capabilities.

Source: telegraph