Canadian start-up creates a new generation of motorcycle with 5G and collective training

While cars are being actively introducedelectric motors and artificial intelligence; in the field of motorcycles, there has been a rather long stagnation. It is possible that the new Damon motorcycle company from Vancouver, Canada, will be able to change this situation - it is developing several technologies that will ultimately have to unite in a brand new generation motorcycle. The most important of its features will be a collision protection system with 5G support, and a shape-changing design.

At the moment, the company has 2.5million dollars, and basically this amount is spent on developing a system of warning about possible collisions called Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM). It includes a radar, cameras and other sensors that are planned to be fixed on the body of the future motorcycle - they will be able to predict the trajectory of up to 64 road users, and warn the motorcyclist of possible collisions.

New motorcycles with 5G Internet

According to engineers, the best waysThe warnings are led stripes on a motorcycle, vibrating handles and a display built into the dashboard, providing a broad overview of everything that happens behind the bike. Accuracy recognition hazardous situation on the roads will continue to grow, because the Damon motorcycles will be merged into a single network using a 5G-connection. They will be synchronized through the company's server, and share with each other effective ways to avoid accidents.

Also, some of the company's money goes to developconvertible motorcycle design. It is planned that his seat and footboards will be located on the moving mechanisms and slide down and up. Due to this, motorcyclists will be able to raise or lower the seat and steering wheel to ensure the most comfortable body position and good visibility of the road.

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Police motorcycle with new technologies

The company has already begun assembling a motorcycle witha transformable structure - at the moment it is known that the upcoming prototype will be equipped with an electric motor Zero Z-Force. At the same time, the company is testing the AWSM system, providing it to the West Vancouver police department. Radar, cameras and sensors are installed in police motorcycles BMW R 1250 RT-P - the company hopes that in the future it will be able to sell the system to third parties.

Creating a motorcycle safety system alsoengaged in the Taiwanese company Senzar. Its technology also consists of a set of various sensors, but provides control only 9 meters in the area on both sides of the motorcycle, while the firm Damon promises a 360-degree view. Nevertheless, the Taiwanese technology also has its own characteristics, and you can get acquainted with them in our material.

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