Can we ever “move” to other planets?

Modern science fiction films oftenthey warn us of the possibility of future climate change that could make humanity look for new worlds more favorable for living. However, according to, 2019 Nobel laureate Michelle Major completely denies the possibility of a person moving to another planet. Could this mean that all of humanity's dreams of outer space are futile and we are doomed to remain only a single-planet view?

Swiss astronomer Michel Mayor believes that man can never colonize new worlds

Can a person become an interplanetary species?

Michelle Major is the first person in history to whommanaged to discover an exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star. This truly epoch-making event in astronomy took place back in 1995, when a scientist was able to discover the distant gas world next to the star 51 Pegasus. Despite the fact that the historical discovery of the planet occurred 24 years ago, the scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics only in 2019.

The researcher believes that the idea that peopleonce able to fully live on another planet, is completely absurd. The scientist argues his opinion by the fact that traveling outside the solar system will take too much time, becoming an unreasonable and extremely costly event.

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Can humanity not be able to see with their own eyes the incredible alien landscapes?

Michelle Major believes that absolutely everything foundexoplanets are very, very far from Earth, even if we consider those that are in the neighborhood. As you know, the closest exoplanet to us is a planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, which is located approximately 4.25 light years from Earth. Given the level of development of modern technology, we will have to get as much as 18,000 years to the nearest neighbor of the Sun. Not a good forecast, is it? What can we say about those worlds that are a little further away and located dozens or hundreds of light years from our blue planet?

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Nobel medalist believes that humanitymay well remain on Earth, while preserving both funds and time. Despite such a rather pessimistic prediction regarding interplanetary travel, the next generation of researchers, who will be able to develop methods for finding at least the simplest life at a distance, can already find out the eternal question “Is there life on other planets?”