Can vape explode?

The problem of the so-called wipes - or electroniccigarettes, it does not matter - it acquires scale. In March 2018, a 17-year-old teenager from Nevada blew a vape in his mouth - he burned his lips, broke his jaw and punched a hole in his chin, some teeth had to be removed. The explosion was powerful. This was the first recorded case of an e-cigarette explosion that caused damage to a teenager. But others may follow it - you must have heard that this is happening.

Why do vapes explode?

Over the past 20 years, electronic cigarettesgained wild popularity - they are served as a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. But how cool it is - let's judge. From 2015 to 2017, in the United States there were 2,035 emergency call cases due to a vap blast. In Russia, wipes are still gaining popularity, but it is not hard to guess what this is all about. Most of the explosions occurred while using a cigarette - you can imagine how unpleasant it is. There were two deaths. In one case, at the beginning of this year, a splinter from an explosion cut the carotid artery of a man from Texas, and in 2018 a fragment went into the head of a man. Children do not know that this can happen. Parents do not know that this can happen. Added to this is the fact that wipes are worn in the most "intimate" places - in the mouth or in your pocket.

It is believed that the cause of the vap explosion isThe lithium battery is the same one that explodes in cell phones on airplanes and electric scooters. Lithium batteries have a positive and negative end, which are usually separated by a very thin piece of plastic that lets ions through. But if this piece of plastic breaks through, the chemicals inside the battery will start to heat up. This is especially dangerous in the case of vape, because the “slurry” inside is also quite “volatile.” It may not burn in the usual sense of the word, but it will not put out the explosion of the battery.

What is the worst thing because parents are tryingmake children stop smoking regular cigarettes, they can buy vape as a “safe alternative”. Wipes are not prohibited for sale, do not require a license, and are even allowed to be “used” in public places - soar, where I want, is not prohibited by law.

Well, perhaps vape really is a good alternative to cigarettes. Unless this alternative explodes in your mouth.

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