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Can the whole world live in one mega-city?

Imagine what humanity suddenly decidedset aside all interethnic and interreligious conflicts, settling in only one city. Given the fact that today the number of mankind is 7.5 billion people, placing everyone in one place would be a rather difficult task. How much space would such a multinational city take, and can such an ambitious idea be translated into reality?

Perhaps one day humanity will settle in one big mega-city

Can humanity settle in only one city?

As you know, every nation has its ownown history, traditions and moral principles. The difference in perception of the world around one or another nationality can be so great that sooner or later in a multinational environment, a serious conflict begins to brew. A striking example of this can be events that took place at the beginning of the XXI century, for example, during the Abkhaz war or the civil war in Tajikistan, when the difference of interests within the communities turned out to cause the death of a large number of people. If for a moment we imagine that we somehow decided at least temporarily to forget about the differences in mentality within representatives of different races, placing most of humanity in a densely populated environment, we can conclude that, in fact, humanity needs to little space to stay.

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As you know, the denser to populate one or anotherthe terrain, the less space we need for living. So, if you resettle all of humanity with a density of one of the most sparsely populated states in the world - Mauritania, then we can conclude that to accommodate 7.5 billion people, we need a territory the size of Russia. In order to somewhat reduce this scale, we could try to increase the average population density to more comfortable values ​​of about 1000 people per 1 square kilometer. With such parameters, a “worldwide” city would occupy the territory of Australia.

If desired, all of humanity could be accommodated on only one mainland the size of Australia

At the same time, the indicator is 1000 people per 1 sq. Km. kilometer is not the maximum. Thus, a large number of Chinese cities are famous for their incredible population density: one of the districts of Hong Kong - Kowloon - is officially recognized as the most densely populated territory in the world in the history of mankind. And although officially this quarter has long ceased to exist due to drug trafficking and prostitution that flourished there, statistics show that in the Chinese fortress city, the average population density exceeded two million people per 1 square kilometer. With such parameters, all of humanity could easily settle in Palestine, which corresponds to approximately 6,000 square kilometers.