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Can people be chipped with an injection?

There are a number of conspiracy theories thatcompanies can chip people with vaccines and other injections. It is believed that after introducing tiny electronics into the body, the authorities will be able to control the minds of ordinary people and even control their actions. These theories are completely devoid of scientific foundation, but still - is it possible to implant a chip into a person using an ordinary syringe? Many people think that technology has not yet reached this level of development and this is possible only on the pages of science fiction novels. But in fact, the chip that fits in the injection corner already exists. It was created by American scientists and can only be seen under a microscope. As part of this article, I propose to figure out what characteristics a tiny chip has and what you can do with it. So far, he does not pose any danger.

The chips that fit into the syringe needle already exist

Why do people need to be chipped?

Unfortunate "chips", which are very much afraidconspiracy theorists are inherently implants. This is the name of medical devices that are implanted into human organisms and are used as prostheses or measuring instruments. The most obvious example of implants is artificial teeth, which are placed in people's jaws to replace lost teeth. Also, implants can be called tattoos that notify the presence of health problems by changing their color. In 2019, I already talked about one of these projects - when the glucose level increased, the tattoo would turn dark green.

Tattoo that changes color depending on the state of health

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with implants.At the moment, their only drawback is their dependence on a bunch of wires and additional electronics. Scientists are constantly trying to reduce their size by removing unnecessary elements. And recently, scientists from Columbia University, New York, managed to make a big breakthrough in this matter. They have developed a chip that can even fit inside a syringe needle. It is worth noting that the diameter of the thinnest medical needles today does not exceed 0.20 millimeters!

Medical needle under the microscope

The smallest chip in the world

According to Science Advances,the volume of the developed chip does not exceed 0.1 millimeter cubed. This means that it can only be seen under a microscope. The device is so small that ultrasound is used for data transmission and charging. Scientists could have used radio communication for this, but the electromagnetic waves were too long for the tiny device. As a rule, usually implants are implanted into the human body during surgical interventions - incisions and other manipulations need to be made. And to place a tiny chip, it is enough to inject it into a person's muscle with a syringe in the form of an injection.

Scientist-designed chip under a microscope

At the moment, the created chip can onlychange body temperature. However, scientists assure that in the future it will be possible to equip it with other sensors. The capabilities of the device have been demonstrated using laboratory mice as an example. Scientists were able to insert up to 7 tiny devices into their bodies and successfully receive data from them. According to the author of the scientific work Ken Shepard (Ken Shepard), they were able to make a revolutionary breakthrough in creating tiny devices for reading medical indicators.

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Can a person be controlled?

Ultimately we can say that yes, peoplereally can be "chipped" with an injection. But these tiny devices will most definitely not be able to read your mind, much less control your behavior. Their capabilities are limited to measuring temperature, glucose levels and other indicators. And to read thoughts, it is necessary to carry out a surgical operation and install hundreds of electrodes in the brain to monitor the activity of different departments. Elon Musk's Neuralink company is developing this technology, and the process of implantation of the chip is performed by a specially trained robot. The company recently showed how it managed to implant a chip in a monkey's body. Thanks to him, she learned to control the computer with the power of thought. Here's a video.

Chip Monkey Neuralink

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Chips implanted in organisms are veryfor a long time, just few people know about them. Back in 2004, the United States approved the VeriChip device for use, which allows doctors to quickly learn about the health of patients. And recently, my colleague Lyubov Sokovikova told us about a chip that is capable of detecting COVID-19 before the first symptoms appear. I highly recommend reading her material, because you can learn a lot of interesting things from it. Follow this link.