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Can penguins communicate under water?

Almost all living creatures on our planetknow how to talk, only they do it not with the help of words. For communication, they use various sounds, movements and even smells, which you and I simply do not understand. Even penguins are able to talk among themselves - otherwise how could they go hunting together and even organize “kindergartens” for raising chicks? Of course, without special sounds and movements, they would never succeed in creating whole societies. But scientists have long been interested in one question - are penguins capable of making sounds underwater? After all, it would be nice to know that the inhabitants of the cold Antarctic communicate with each other even during scuba diving, pointing to the places where fish and other food are accumulated.

All animals can communicate, even penguins

Interesting fact: in the first two days of the week, young chicksare next to one of the parents while the other goes hunting. As the chicks grow older, they are sent to a “kindergarten,” a group of cubs that are protected by free penguins while their parents are in search of food.

And this is how penguins warm their cubs - this is unity!

Amazing Penguin Skills

On land, penguins communicate with each otherusing sounds similar to rattle crackling. But scientists have not yet had scientific evidence that they are able to communicate with each other during spearfishing. Communication of penguins under water seemed unlikely, because in search of fish and squid they can sink to a depth of 20 to 500 meters. And at such a depth, their organisms are under a heavy load and, it would seem, they could not squeeze at least some sound out of themselves.

Today, even the largest penguins almost breathe to the navel, but once upon a time they were huge. You can read about it in one of my old materials.

But scientists from South Africa still decided to holdscientific research and finally find out whether penguins can talk underwater or not. The work was carried out on the example of royal, golden-haired and subantarctic penguins. The choice fell precisely on these species, because they feed on different foods and, accordingly, dive to different depths. So, king penguins feed on fish and can swim at a depth of up to 200 meters, and golden-haired eat small crustaceans at a depth of not more than 10 meters. Subantarctic penguins are universal and can both swim on the surface and dive to great depths.

From left to right: royal, golden-haired and subantarctic penguin

Check if penguins communicate underwater,It turned out pretty simple. Scientists caught animals and attached moisture-proof cameras to their backs. In general, they managed to record 203 videos, after watching which four conclusions were made:

  • underwater, penguins really make sounds;
  • in 73% they give sound signals during descent to a depth, when they are engaged in hunting;
  • sounds are made when they already see the prey and pursue it;
  • all three species of penguins were able to communicate under water, so other varieties are probably capable of this.
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    Scientists found out in 2014 that turtles can communicate under water

    So, scientists have proven that penguins cancommunicate under water. Cool. But there are several questions to which they still cannot give exact answers. For example, they still do not know how penguins, dolphins and other animals diving to great depths manage to make sounds under great pressure. And in general, why do they publish them?

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    On the first question to give even a hypotheticalno answer possible. But about the second, there are some thoughts. Penguins and similar animals can communicate under water to alert each other about food congestion sites. Or another option - they make sounds to help each other navigate in space. Indeed, under water, which looks like an endless space, it is very easy to get lost.

    Penguins can communicate underwater to tell each other where fish stocks are

    In general, on the topic of animal communication, I highly recommendread the material Lyuba Sokovikova. You will learn in what three ways most animals talk among themselves and what they can generally talk about. Also in the article there is a video with the mating dance of a bird of paradise - this is both interesting and funny at the same time, I personally saw this spectacle for the first time.