Can I sleep with the TV on?

Everyone knows that there are a lot of things that affectweight. Absorb a bunch of processed high-calorie foods is unlikely to help you lose weight by the summer, and sports - completely. However, this is not all. The new study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, shows a very interesting connection between the popular habit, lifestyle and overall weight gain. This is very strange, but ...

Sleeping with the TV on causes weight gain

Study focused on women inage from 35 to 74, showing that sleeping with the TV on — or any other bright light source in the bedroom — is a great way to gain weight. The data for the five-year period show that those who sleep with a TV or other source of bright light, gain more than 5 kilograms during this period of time.

Getting enough qualitySleep every night is the top of any healthy lifestyle checklist, and lack of sleep has really been associated with various problems, including obesity. Lack of deep sleep and lack of sleep are generally associated with health problems, including obesity.

It has been proven that artificial lightingimpairs the quality of sleep, and this is one of the reasons why the dimming function of blue light appeared in our mobile devices and computers. At the same time, the direct connection between artificial lighting in the bedroom and the overall increase in weight is still a bit striking.

“These results suggest that exposureArtificial light at night during sleep can be a risk factor for weight gain and the development of overweight or obesity, ”says scientists. “Further research will help clarify this relationship and see whether reducing the impact of such a light can be an obesity prevention measure.”

Controlling calories and getting the highest possible physical activity should remain top on the list if you want to control weight. However, there will always be other factors.

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