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Can I get the flu and the cold at the same time?

Have you ever wondered whetherget both flu and a cold? In order to answer this question, scientists conducted a new study, during which it became clear that there is a certain pattern of reducing the risk of getting a cold virus at a time when the body is already infected with the flu virus. During the study, scientists analyzed data from 36,000 people, who provided about 44,000 test results that allowed scientists to identify specific patterns as a result of the impact of the influenza virus on the human body.

Scientists note that although the risk of getting a cold during the flu is significantly reduced, the likelihood of a double illness still exists.

Flu and cold at the same time?

According to an article published on the, during seasonal flu epidemics in humans, the risk of catching a cold, often caused by the so-called rhinovirus, is significantly reduced. Scientists came to this conclusion after studying both statistical data and after studying the results of an individual study.

Often, scientists study the common cold and flu individual representatives of pathogens. Now, scientists have decided to investigate their interaction with each other, finding out the probability of their coexistence in one “ecosystem”. In a new study, scientists examined and analyzed data from over 36,000 Scotland residents, who in turn provided more than 44,000 samples of nasal and throat swabs for testing for respiratory infections. Assay samples were tested on 11 types of respiratory viruses, including rhinoviruses, influenza A and B viruses, respiratory syncytial virus and adenoviruses.

Computer analysis of the data showed that during influenza activity, the number of outbreaks of rhinoviruses is significantly reduced

As a result of the analyzed data, whichwere obtained from samples, 35% tested positive for at least one virus, while about 8% tested positive for an infection that was caused by at least two viruses.

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In an unusual experiment, scientists foundthat people who are infected with type A flu are 70% less likely to get rhinovirus infection than patients who have been infected with any other type of virus. A new study can not yet determine the exact cause of the inhibitory effect between influenza viruses and rhinovirus, but scientists suggest that viruses can compete with each other in their desire to multiply in the respiratory tract of a living organism. It is also known that the human immune response to an existing virus can reduce the possibility of penetration of any other rhinovirus into the body.

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The authors of the study believe that it is necessaryto conduct a series of additional studies in order to understand the biological mechanisms that underlie these viral interactions. Experts also recommend adhering to elementary rules of protection to reduce the risk of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza during seasonal exacerbations.