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Can HIV be defeated?

AIDS virus -a slowly progressive disease that affects the cells of the immune system, causing them to lose the ability to defend themselves against even the most harmless infections. For a long time, the disease was considered incurable, although scientists have invented certain types of lifelong therapies that help support a weakened body and prevent the transition of HIV into an even more dangerous AIDS. Despite the fact that there is still no universal HIV vaccine, a new report published in The Lancet HIV magazine claims that a man from Venezuela, currently living in London, was able to successfully get rid of HIV infection and remains “clean” ”For the past 30 months. How did the famous “London patient” manage to do what was long considered impossible?

Can HIV be defeated?

How to cure HIV?

Adam Castillejo, who is called by the media“London patient,” a 40-year-old man who was first diagnosed with HIV in 2003. After decades of debilitating therapies, Castillejo decided on a bone marrow transplant, which his predecessor, called the “Berlin patient,” Timothy Brown, had previously undergone. A citizen of Venezuela, currently residing in the UK, has been free of HIV infection for 30 months and does not need to take antiviral drugs on a regular basis, reports the scientific portal

Castillejo himself, cured of the H. I. V. virus, intends to become an ambassador of hope for those who are still at the beginning of their journey in the fight against a dangerous disease.

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Adam Castillejo is the second-ever HIV-infected patient

Another successful patientHIV infection, became Timothy Brown, who received the possibility of bone marrow transplantation in 2007. As with Castillejo, the stem cells used for transplantation were obtained from a donor who had a relatively rare genetic mutation that confers resistance to HIV.

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The Berlin Patient - Timothy Brown

Despite the success of the therapy,Researchers believe that bone marrow transplantation is not a universal therapy in the fight against HIV infection. So, in the case of Adam Castillejo, a risky operation was applied to the patient only because the condition of a Venezuelan citizen affected by Hodgkin's lymphoma was so difficult that a stem cell transplant was his last chance to survive. Although doctors are not sure that Castillejo's remission will remain with him for his whole life, monitoring the condition of Timothy Brown who had previously undergone surgery allows making very favorable forecasts.

New report says doctors didn't findan active viral infection in Castillejo’s body, however, they managed to find the “remnants” of HIV-infected DNA in some individual cells of a man’s body that are unlikely to allow the virus to multiply. According to the officially presented theory, the possible reason for the recovery of Adam Castillejo was the work of his immune system, which after the operation sought to get rid of the transplanted cells. A similar phenomenon could happen with Timothy Brown, in whose body the remains of a dangerous virus were also found. Thus, examples of successful elimination of HIV can contribute to the invention of a new type of vaccine that would help millions of carriers of the virus to combat one of the worst diseases of the 21st century.