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Can depression be recognized by blood tests?

Depression is considered to be one of the mostwidespread mental illness, because according to statistics, at least 264 million people of all ages suffer from it. A person in a depressed state is characterized by a breakdown, reluctance to do anything and a loss of interest in everything that happens. If you do not identify the problem in time and do not take up treatment, depression can cause a person to die. It is noteworthy that the sooner doctors find out about a person’s predisposition to depression, the less problems the patient will experience in the future. But how can one detect depression before its symptoms appear? Scientists are sure that this can be done by studying blood tests.

Depression can be detected by blood tests.

At least the Japanese spoke about this.scientists in an article published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. In a new work, a group of researchers led by Professor Yasuko Yamamoto relied on the fact that the blood of people with depression contains many products involved in metabolism. In particular, they previously noticed that depression is often accompanied by inflammatory processes, in which the amino acid tryptophan, along with food, turns into nicotinic acid. In this case, anthranilic acid is released, a high content of which can be detected by taking blood tests from a person.

The first symptoms of depression

To check if development can be detecteddepression before symptoms like depression and apathy, scientists conducted an experiment. They took a blood test from 61 patients who underwent psychological tests and found that they were predisposed to the occurrence of depressive disorder. To compare their analyzes, they also took blood samples from 51 relatively healthy people. Perhaps they had some kind of illness, but depressive behavior was clearly foreign to them.

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To study the blood of experimental participants, scientiststhey used liquid chromatography, in which mixtures of substances are separated to further study the physicochemical properties. As they expected, the concentration of anthranilic acid was indeed increased in the blood of people with a tendency to depression. Moreover, a lower amount of tryptophan was found in women susceptible to depressive disorder, that is, this amino acid turns into nicotinic acid faster during depression. It is because of this that the concentration of anthranilic acid in the blood rises.

Depression can occur in any person, regardless of age

In additional research, scientists alsofound that the more anthranilic acid is in the human body, the more he begins to feel the symptoms of depression. In addition to weakness and apathy, many patients may experience inflammation and even physical pain. Such conclusions were made on the basis of a study of blood composition in 33 study participants who were more susceptible to more severe depressive conditions than others.

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Ultimately, the head of scientific workKuniyaki Saito concluded that there is indeed a relationship between the level of anthranilic acid in a person’s blood and his predisposition to depression. Perhaps in the near future, blood tests will really help doctors identify problems with the mental health of patients before serious problems arise and deal with them in a timely manner.