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Can an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner be good. TCL Sweeva 2000 Review

Agree, the times when the robot vacuum cleaner wassomething fantastic, gone. Now it's just an ordinary home assistant, which may well be inexpensive, but at the same time offer ample opportunities. Not so long ago, we had one of the most inexpensive robot vacuum cleaners in recent times in our editorial office. It was all the more interesting to try it, how it differs from more expensive models and whether it makes sense to buy it. Looking ahead, I will say that I expected less from him, but he surprised me in many ways. And now let's talk about it in more detail.

A robot vacuum cleaner deserves to be in every home.


  • 1 TCL Sweeva 2000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Overview
    • 1.1 Accessories for the robot vacuum cleaner
    • 1.2 How long does the robot vacuum cleaner last
    • 1.3 Can TCL Sweeva 2000 avoid obstacles
    • 1.4 How often should I clean the robot vacuum cleaner
    • 1.5 Remote control and application
  • 2 Does the robot vacuum clean well

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner TCL Sweeva 2000

This review will focus on the TCL Sweeva 2000.This is an average vacuum cleaner in the brand's lineup, represented by several models with very logical numerical designations. The larger they are, the more functional and expensive the model will be. The one we're talking about costs about 15,000 rubleswhich is quite inexpensive.

TCL robot vacuum cleaners are undeservedly deprivedattention. It must be admitted that there are more popular brands, but the quality of their products does not always correspond to the level of the hype that is observed around them.

Simple and concise design will always be relevant.

Accessories for robot vacuum cleaner

Primarily, it is worth noting the rich equipment this vacuum cleaner.In addition to himself, in the kit you can find a charging station, a replaceable filter, two sets of brushes, two coils of restrictive magnetic tape, a control panel and a tool for removing threads from the brush.

The kit has everything you need. And even more.

Often such a tape must be purchased separately. Right there, two skeins are given as a gift.

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How long does the robot vacuum cleaner last?

The suction power of the TCL Sweeva 2000 is 2000 Pa in maximum mode. There are 4 modes in total, and they can change depending on the coverage and the required level of cleaning. Maximum work volume - 60 dB.

From below, everything is as it should be for a good vacuum cleaner.

Naturally, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner works, the faster the built-in battery will run out. At the same time, the maximum running time is 150 minutes (battery capacity 2900 mAh).This is enough to clean an average-sized apartment in one go. If there is not enough energy, the vacuum cleaner itself will determine the moment when it will need to go to the charging station, gain energy and continue cleaning.

If you do not want the vacuum cleaner to work at all, you can turn it off with the button on the bottom.

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Can TCL Sweeva 2000 bypass obstacles

Built-in sensors allow you to determineobstacles and bypass them. If something goes wrong, there is a classic bump stop that, upon contact with something, immediately stops the motor and makes the robot turn around. There is also a sensor protects the robot from falling. If he drives up to the edge of a staircase or a high threshold, he will stop and drive back.

Sensors in different parts of the body allow the robot to bypass obstacles.

If you want to limit the area that will be cleaned, or make it so that the robot does not drive into a particular room, you can use special tapethat comes with the kit. Glue it on the floor, and, having reached it, the robot will immediately turn around and continue cleaning in the territory that you have defined for it.

The TCL Sweeva 2000 is driven by two large rubber wheels. This allows the robot not only to be maneuverable and not slip on any surface, but also to climb obstacles up to two centimeters high. It can be thresholds, carpets and other items.

These wheels will go anywhere.

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How often should you clean your robot vacuum cleaner

A 600 capacity container is provided for dust This is enough for several house cleanings. It is easily removed so that it can be shaken out. To do this, you do not even need to lift the vacuum cleaner - just press the lever and pull it towards you. And to keep the air clean, there is High Purity HEPA Filter. It filters out the smallest particles, including bacteria and allergens. All of them remain on the filter or inside the container.

A large container can be shaken out even once every couple of weeks if you are not very dirty.

Remote and app

You can use the remote control to controlcontrol, which is included in the kit, the TCL Home application or voice assistant (including Alice). You can not only start the cleaning process, but also set up a schedule so that the robot vacuuming the room when you leave for work. He will simply start cleaning at the appointed time and finish it when there is no dust, crumbs and other debris left in the apartment.

TCL Sweeva 2000 is quite compact - 320x323.5x70 mm. With such a small thickness, it will be able to clean even under the sofas, which is important, because it is there that a large amount of dust is collected.

If you do not like new technologies, you can use the remote control to fully control the vacuum cleaner.

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Is the robot vacuum cleaner good?

In general, a robot vacuum cleaner inherently cannotclean up as well as a big powerful vacuum cleaner with a hose and a wire to an outlet. But it is the robots that have a big plus. Agree that forcing yourself to vacuum is a rather complicated process, and this is usually done no more than once a week. Robot vacuum cleaner does it every day, and if you ask, it will do it more often. So he will clean up the dirt when there is very little of it, and you will always be clean.

The brushes collect dirt under the body so that the vacuum cleaner can pick it up.

This is especially important in the corridor where you enterdirty shoes, and sand and dust accumulate there. The robot will clean up there, avoiding serious pollution and without waiting for you to spread the garbage throughout the apartment.

It is the combination daily cleaning options, as well as prices and functionality, like TCLSweeva 2000 makes robot vacuums such a popular product. They sell well and over time there will be even more of them, but you can buy a good model now. Why pull something?

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