Camera-shifter Asus ZenFone 6 dropped from the pedestal of the Galaxy S10 (6 photos)

ASUS - one of the three leading manufacturerslaptops in the world, whose products are marked by the highest number of awards. Therefore, the fact that DxOMark specialists highly appreciated the unusual camera of the Asus ZenFone 6 smartphone did not become something surprising. As it turned out, the main advantage of the camera is not only in its design, thanks to which it acts as both the main and the front one.

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Among the self-cameras Asus ZenFone 6 ranked the highestfirst place, having received 101 points for a photo, and 93 points for a video (average score 98), pushing the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which, however, is only 1 point lower in the DxOMark rating. Recall that the inverting unit with cameras consists of two sensors with a resolution of 48 and 13 Mp and an aperture of f / 1.79 and f / 2.4, respectively.

In evaluating the module-flip-flop as a frontalThe cameras in the subject were noted with accurate autofocus, correct color rendition of skin tones, good detail and effective noise reduction. However, Asus developers still have work to do. Among the minuses of the camera: the loss of small details even in bright light, there are also delays during autofocusing, the white balance is disturbed. The flash is responsible for sufficient detail in low-light scenes, but for people present in the frame, this creates a red-eye effect.

When shooting video, the camera is fastautofocus, good stabilization and correct white balance, but this is only in a static position, but when shooting in motion, there are disadvantages: instability of the same white balance as a minus is noted and a limited dynamic range.

So, a beginner's selfie camera is recognized as the best.among other participants of checks in laboratory DxOMark. However, if experts assessed the camera Asus ZenFone 6 as the main, she would not have received the first place. The model would take about 17–18 place, next to last year's Xiaomi Mi 8.