Camera iPhone SE (2020) tested by journalists (13 photos)

After the presentation of the long-awaited iPhone SE, beforeAll stand out for its affordable price, many bloggers and experts began to analyze and test the capabilities of the camera device, represented by a single sensor, which is not typical for modern smartphones. After the first tests, real shots taken from the iPhone SE (2020) camera got into the network. A comparative analysis of photos taken by the "budget" iPhone SE and last year's flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max was also conducted.

Second Generation iPhone SE Design (2020)identical to the iPhone 8. The new smartphone has wide enough frames, a 4.7-inch screen and the familiar Home button, which integrates a fingerprint sensor Touch ID, which is a touch surface that simulates a tactile feedback.

IPhone SE (2020) camera with12 MP resolution and f / 1.8 aperture, identical to the camera installed in iPhone 8. However, the developers were able to improve the quality of shooting, thanks to the latest Apple A13 Bionic processor. Experts noted excellent sharpness of photographs, accurate color reproduction, which remained even in low light conditions (there is no special night mode in the smartphone). Also, the owners of the iPhone SE (2020) have new opportunities for editing captured photos and video files.

Image Processing in the New iPhone SEIt is carried out similarly to the iPhone 11 and prefers colder shades, in contrast to the “warm” spectrum used, for example, in the iPhone XS of 2018. This will allow you to take photos with a higher level of sharpness and clarity of the image.

However, when comparing iPhone SE photos withshots of the iPhone 11 Pro Max felt the difference in the quality of portraiture. In particular, a lone camera lacked a scene depth estimation sensor. The photos from the iPhone SE smartphone had optical noise, and the detail was less. So when shooting a portrait, the hair in the photo acquired an unnatural appearance and was blurry. However, the low-cost iPhone showed good shooting in low light.

Of course, when comparing the photo capabilities of the iPhone SEwith the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max, the new smartphone loses in quality of shooting, but given the difference in price, according to experts, the budget iPhone showed good results.

The iPhone SE (2020) will go on sale on April 24 at a price of $ 399 for a modification with 64 GB of internal memory. The price of a smartphone in Russia will be 39,990 rubles.