Calls from subscribers and what support sees about you. Journey to Tele2 office continues


It is difficult to fit everything seen and told in Chelyabinsk into one text, so we eat an elephant according to

piece to digest information and decomposeher on the shelves. I think it makes sense to read the beginning of the report about the Tele2 remote service office so that you have a complete picture. And today we will talk about numbers - one of my favorite topics.

The work of the operator in the Tele2 remote service center in Chelyabinsk

How many times do Tele2 specialists say thank you, salaries in Chelyabinsk, is there an age limit for working in the center of the company. As I sat on the line and listened to calls from subscribers.

Why did Tele2 choose Chelyabinsk for its remote service office? Life of employees in the office

Where is Chelyabinsk located and what do you know about it?Why did Tele2 choose Chelyabinsk for its office? live communication in the office and what do employees do outside the shift - games, conversations, sports, something else?

Let me remind you that during the day in the Chelyabinsk centerTele2 receives more than 28,000 calls, and about 8,000 chats. On average, with the help of support, they change their tariffs up to 1700 times per day, employees issue up to 400 SIM cards, that is, this is also a sales channel. In addition to Chelyabinsk, there are three more offices: Rostov-on-Don (the first to open), Saransk, Irkutsk. The logic for choosing cities was revealed by me earlier - it is absolutely the same for these offices.

All four offices work in a single system, withIn this case, the load is distributed evenly, since the operator works in 69 regions, different time zones. The offices themselves are located in three time zones, which helps to distribute the load. Support works 24/7 every day without days off, holidays, any breaks.

By default behind each support officetheir regions are distributed, calls from them go to this office, but if it is loaded, they will be redirected to another. Each call is recorded so that the operator has the opportunity to understand difficult situations, evaluate how the employee worked it out. In addition, the support service is faced with fraud, when the subscriber tries to pull the blanket over himself in one way or another, to get some goodies that he does not rely on. Tele2 says that it is better to respect a respectable client (and a fraudster at the same time) than to deprive a decent person of discounts and other amenities.

Number 611 is the entry point for calls,support works in Russian. Support in English appeared for the World Cup, but then it was removed. Which does not mean that it is impossible to get an answer in English - the operator will find an employee who will provide advice. In Chelyabinsk, for example, this includes managers, some of them worked in other countries - there are no problems with the language.

Chinese support added in 2017language, in Irkutsk and the region, this is a very topical issue. Six people provide assistance for tourists or those who come to Russia on other business from China. The line is not idle.

In theory, an operator can provide a line on anylanguage, but here the question arises of the effectiveness and necessity of such work. In short, the state language in Russia is Russian, and it unites all those living in the country. Labor migrants, for example, from Tajikistan sometimes do not speak Russian very well, conflicts arise when they try to explain themselves and get support. There are definitely translation difficulties here, but it is very expensive to launch support for a particular language, spending is not justified in any way. In the future, perhaps there will be translators that will start working with voice, much like the translator from Google does now, and then such software will appear in support offices. But now everything depends on the knowledge of the language by a specialist.


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It is interesting that labor migrants ultimately decideall your questions. There are always two ways. The first is a visit to a store where consultation is provided on the spot (Tele2 has partner stores, and calls are already coming from sellers to a dedicated line for partners, phone 614). The second option - a person finds a friend who speaks tolerably Russian and can explain what specifically causes difficulties.

In four offices for the beginning of 2023 worked1998 employees, in a few years their area of ​​responsibility, product knowledge has greatly increased. These are not only cellular communication issues, but also broadband access, the operation of an online store, and support for a number of virtual operators.

Very often Tele2 is called the MVNO factory, on the networkoperator in Russia there are more than 20 virtual operators. Someone builds their own infrastructure, has their own support service (Tinkoff Mobile can be cited as an example), someone, on the contrary, relies on the Tele2 support service. In the second case, the same specialists who serve Tele2 subscribers work with you.

For the service center, information is important thatwill help to quickly and efficiently serve the subscriber. Due to the fact that this information contains personal data, I cannot show you how the screens look in the system, but I will try to tell you how it works.

When you call 611, you startto communicate with the robot, it offers different options for action (press the button such and such if you need this and that). You can think of it as a primary filter that solves simple questions. This filter is roughly arranged for all operators - it is needed not only to unload calls and weed out those whose issues are easily resolved automatically. At this time, the system generates an up-to-date description of you, your tariff, connected services, and previous calls. By the time a live person answers you, there are already several information screens in front of him, where all the data about the connected services, previous questions and problems are indicated.

Average call response time is 40seconds. No tens of minutes or anything like that. There are situations when a person gets confused in a very simple voice menu and independently walks in a circle, does not fall on the operator. But the menu is really simple - it's hard to get lost in it. For several days, I called 611 at different times of the day and night, the average response time, taking into account the robot, was from one to two minutes. I have a Black plan, it has an increased priority in the support service. But this does not mean at all that the support service is separate (this impression can be formed when you call, when they tell you that special conditions are for you). In fact, the operator forms a queue in which a number of subscribers receive priority - and this is not necessarily only a factor in the selected tariff plan. Here you can build a system according to a variety of parameters, for example, make it so that a second call on an unclosed call gets priority and there is no waiting on the line.

I'm sitting on a parallel line, listening to calls.One of the key points in the conversation after the performance: “Do you have a question about the number you are calling from?” If the answer is yes, the operator looks at the data tab, he is already ready to quickly answer the most common questions. Before him are all expenses, accruals, data about a person.

Some of the simple data can be voiced directly −no additional identification is required. Data or some more complicated actions require identification by the subscriber - he may be asked to give passport data or other information. This is done so that the operator is sure that the caller is the person who owns the contract and the SIM card. Changing the tariff “for that guy” will not work, of course, if you do not know all the details of his life and documents.

Often people call to understand what is going on.write-offs of funds, what services remained or disappeared. In Tele2, there is an accumulation of balances of minutes and GB in package tariffs, if paid on time, they accumulate, and even double every three months. Many callers miss a payment and lose their accumulated balances, they want to make sure they lose. Just heard this call.

The specialist sees notes regarding the subscriber,who can understand how best to build communication with him. There are no entries in the style of “loves ice cream”, “communicates expressively”, “blue-eyed blond”. Rather, these are marks about previous appeals and possible troubles that have arisen.

It's no secret that some people express their thoughtsthrough foul language. In most cases, this is not the intention to offend or offend another, but the style of communication adopted in the environment of such a person. During the call, the specialist asks to adhere to the culture of communication, if after the third warning the style does not change, a disconnection occurs. A person can call again, if the situation with sharp words is repeated, he is disconnected again. The most persistent ones run into a temporary block when they simply cannot contact the operator. In my opinion, these are still benign conditions - in many global companies they turn off the very possibility of comfortable support for such people, lower their rights.

We are somehow imperceptibly accustomed to the good, we believethat phone support is a matter of course. Which, of course, is not the case – for companies, this is an expensive and complex channel that requires serious expenses. Please note that many Russian giants refuse voice support as such, in the same Yandex it simply does not exist. Although the number of users is measured in tens of millions, they are limited exclusively to support chats, and the latter often work very poorly.

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Interestingly, each region has its ownspecificity. Somewhere they swear more often, but they immediately correct themselves. From some regions, they often learn about new promotions and opportunities, somewhere it is not at all interesting. The support office clearly shows the differences of each region and its own characteristics.

Often people come to the store where they boughtSIM card and want to get support there. In partner stores, sellers have limited access to the system, they often contact the dedicated support number 614, where they receive advice.


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Let's take a look at how people prefer to contact support. The majority have mastered the personal account, and, accordingly, digital channels are beginning to grow, but the voice remains predominant.

But if you look at all the channels of appeals, it turns out that people have mastered robots - the main operations take place there.

Think of automatic systems as a filter thatcuts simple questions. People turn to support with difficult topics when they can’t handle it on their own. This means an increase in the quality of questions. I liked the casually dropped phrase: “Complex questions are our bread, the more complex the questions of our clients, the better.

Administration refers to settingdevices, which sometimes looks like juggling with your eyes closed. There are no difficulties with setting up smartphones of well-known brands, for example, from Samsung or Apple, their menus are known, understandable and simple. But imagine that the subscriber cannot find the menu for specifying the access point, he has a smartphone ordered in China, where the menu in Russian is not displayed. The consultation goes by voice, and the specialist, without seeing someone else's screen, tries to literally touch someone else's device by touch. These are hundreds of different models every day, the menu in such smartphones often looks different, it is very different, there is no universal solution. And it is impossible to keep all these models in the office.

The perception of time is very subjective, forsupport line specialist it has a different subjective perception. What do a few minutes mean to you? By and large, nothing. The fullness of these minutes is minimal, you will not do some significant work in two or three minutes. At the same time, in support, on average, one consultation takes less than three minutes! I often hear: this is, they say, because they don’t want to communicate with a person, but this is definitely not the case. The question is completely different - during this time most of the problems of a person are solved.

In recent years, we have all begun to value our time,in the zeros there were people who called support just like that, to talk. Today, there are few such calls, and companies have learned how to filter them. However, there are exceptions when a support specialist solves non-targeted issues.

The above operating principles can beplus / minus are attributed to the organization of work of remote service offices of different operators, the principles of building systems are similar everywhere. The question is how it all works in practice, how long does it take from the moment of the call to the moment you are connected to the operator.

In conclusion, I want to share one more question,which arose during the discussion of the work of the office. We are all living people and it happens that someone can get sick. In these cases, in order to avoid an epidemic at the level of one taken office, people can be isolated at home, they can work from there (opportunities are reduced compared to those in the office, but there is always work). Support work is always work from the office (the pandemic tried to argue with this, but ...), because this is the only way to ensure that everything is right. And in many ways it's about empathy for customers, their support. One of the rules that came to the office from life: “If you don’t know a person, think well of him.” Here is such a philosophy.

P.S.The report turns out to be voluminous, but I think that in the next part we will draw a line under my trip to Chelyabinsk. Behind the scenes, there were questions about how people relate to robots, how they find out who is talking to them, let's look at real examples of unusual requests. In the meantime, a mystery to you: what is a point with fur? Hint: This is a common designation for one of the symbols that people use when communicating with remote service specialists when they need to do something on the phone.

The work of the operator in the Tele2 remote service center in Chelyabinsk

How many times do Tele2 specialists say thank you, salaries in Chelyabinsk, is there an age limit for working in the center of the company. As I sat on the line and listened to calls from subscribers.

Why did Tele2 choose Chelyabinsk for its remote service office? Life of employees in the office

Where is Chelyabinsk located and what do you know about it?Why did Tele2 choose Chelyabinsk for its office? live communication in the office and what do employees do outside the shift - games, conversations, sports, something else?

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