C4 Camera mobile camera without its own smartphone

Modern flagship smartphones provideusers the ability to shoot with high-resolution cameras. The design of cameras with multiple sensors provides image quality close to professional. However, not all people have the opportunity and desire to spend $ 999 for a Phone 11 Pro class smartphone for the sake of receiving high-quality photos using a mobile camera.

Californian designer of Russian originDennis Sedov, working with Samsung and OnePlus, introduced the conceptual model of the C4 Camera, a mobile-class camera that will change the situation. The compact C4 camera in appearance looks like an iPod shuffle
The camera is equipped with a system with five lenses,having different focal lengths (13 mm, 24 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 90 mm) which allows users to choose between different types of shooting. A scroll wheel built into the front of the device allows you to quickly control the system with five lenses to change settings and view photos.

In the center of the camera is a flash allowingimprove the quality of shooting. Currently, C4 is at the concept level and is designed to indicate the need to create devices, a mobile class, capable of performing camera functions.