By 2030, 2.4 million Japanese will lose jobs due to robots

The Japanese are very fond of robots and everything with themrelated. And this is expressed not only in their culture (recall at least numerous anime series like Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion), but also in everyday life. Many Japanese get their own toys in the form of robots or robots for various household purposes. What can we say about the future of sex robots in this country? But it seems that the love of robots will eventually play a cruel joke with the Japanese, because if you believe the results of recent research, by 2030 robots will deprive the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun 2.4 million jobs.

The study, the results of which werepublished the day before, it was carried out by experts of the Mitsubishi Institute. The report states in black and white that in less than 15 years the number of jobs in Japan will be reduced by almost two and a half million. And this is due primarily to the fact that slowly but surely, robots are pushing people out of production processes. At the same time, the authors of the report place special emphasis on the fact that this is not about stupid manipulators, but specifically robots with developed artificial intelligence.

"Active developments in the field of artificialIntelligence can seriously affect the existing manufacturing sector. This, in turn, will lead to job cuts, so today we need to think about creating some kind of state support program that guarantees a small but stable income for people who have lost their jobs because of robots, ”says one of the authors of the study, Satoshi Shirato.

First of all, according to the report, robotizationwill overrun the industrial enterprises, as well as the sphere of services and trade. Some of the dismissed people, of course, will be able to find themselves in other areas, but the remaining Japanese will be left with nothing. We remind you that in the Land of the Rising Sun, as a rule, if you get a job, you work on it all your life. Cases of changing employers at their own request are extremely rare. Nevertheless, many people in Japan are already feeling the coming trend, and by 2030, the number of specialists in artificial intelligence and robotics will increase to 5 million people. These people probably will not remain without work.