By 2022, artificial meat will cost less than usual

On the pages of our portal we have repeatedlyThey wrote to you that scientists are creating and even successfully selling artificial meat. Not so long ago, our compatriots joined this "meat race". We also reported this, so if you suddenly missed this news, then subscribe to us in Telegram to be in the know. Moreover, various kinds of artificial meat still have one problem - it is still more expensive than the present. But in just 2.5-3 years, everything can change, because the specialists in creating this product have found a way to reduce the cost of production without compromising on quality.

Artificial meat seems to be more than just a new trend. This is the future of the food industry.

How to make cheap artificial meat?

About how this was achieved in an interviewpublication TechCrunch said one of the founders of Future Meat Technologies Jacob Namias company. If you try to describe the structure of any meat in simple words (whether it is real meat or artificial), then in its composition we have 2 components - muscle fibers and fat cells. It is their right balance and location relative to each other and allows, roughly, "meat to be meat." Future Meat Technologies, in order to obtain 2 types of cells to create these components, use undifferentiated fibroblasts - the precursors of muscle and adipose tissue cells. They are grown in special bioreactors. But do not be afraid of the word. There is nothing to do with nuclear reactors. In fact, these are simply containers with ideal conditions for the development of cells.

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The main component here, as you know, isnutrient solution. At the same time, there is one rather significant problem in growing cells in bioreactors. Whatever ideal conditions are created in them, over time, toxins will accumulate in the cells outside the body in any case, since there is no natural “removal system” of toxins. More precisely, it was absent to this day.

We have a special solution to removetoxins from the nutrient medium and the cells themselves, which allows them to continue to grow and develop, ”says Mr. Namias. - In fact, this is a new type of bioreactor with the release of the final product several times higher than now. That is, for every liter of nutrient medium of ip cells we get 800 grams of biomass. Now this figure is 100 grams under the same initial conditions.

Bioreactors for the production of artificial meat

Another important factor is thatbioreactors are quite compact. In one such reactor the size of an industrial refrigerator, you can grow half a ton of meat and fat in just a couple of weeks. And for a month - the equivalent amount of meat that gives two adult cows. Have you tried artificial meat? Or maybe you would like to try? Share your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

Imagine: you grow meat or fat of a certain type of animal. And in a reactor the size of a large truck, you have everything you need to replace a meat factory. And there may be thousands of trucks.

Future Meat Director says full-fledgedmarket entry is planned for 2022. And the cost of manufacturing a pound of meat biomass (a little more than 450 grams) will be in the region of 10 US dollars. And it's cheaper than a kilogram of beef on the American market today.