Online store BUTIK.RU presented the results of its work in recent months to improve its own mobile app for IOS. According to the information of the project, the new version of the product has expanded capabilities for managing goods in the category of favorites, and the application’s work to determine the “In store” status has been brought to higher positions.

Now you can work with photos in3D format. Also, the store notified its users that, in addition to the basic transformations, many small improvements were carried out, which in general have a significant effect on the convenience of making virtual shopping. Currently upgraded to version 1.8. The mobile client will be further developed.

Mobile application for the online store BUTIK.RU was developed in terms of consumer needs: today, a huge part of customers prefer to use gadgets to solve current problems, including shopping. Smartphones and tablets are always at hand, you can quickly order everything you need, which is especially important in the context of promotions, sales, during which every minute is expensive. That application is a real helper in finding out the picture on sales, new arrivals, discounts and more. Information of this plan is literally in your pocket. Club customers receive information as quickly as possible, they are also provided with personal discounts, stylistic selections in accordance with the existing trends of the fashion industry. The product for mobile devices fully displays all promotions of the BUTIK.RU web version, but it also provides access to unique offers prepared specially for users of gadgets.

To install the application requires the presence of iOS 9.0 and more modern versions. Compatibility with devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It provides support for family access, in which one product can simultaneously use up to six people included in the Family group. You can download this offer for free, you need 74.8 MB of free space to install on a smartphone or tablet. This application is currently available exclusively on the App Store. Here you can also preview the reviews, project estimates from real users.