Built-in S Pen in Galaxy Z Fold 5: is it possible?

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Not so long ago, it seemed to us that Samsung would not be able to combine in one

device foldable form factor and digitizerWacom that makes the S Pen work exactly the way we're used to. Surprisingly, it only took the company three generations of foldable devices to figure out how to do it. However, Samsung still hasn't been able to fit the S Pen itself into the same case.

Why is this happening?The most obvious answer is that smartphone development is an incredibly complex process. Even if you're not busy trying to cram hundreds of components into a tiny frame that should fit nicely in your hand, you'll at least have to figure out how to fit the battery inside so that it has enough room for thermal expansion. Plus the fact that the processor inside the phone generates a lot of heat and requires a proper cooling system, which also requires space inside the case.

And in the folding device, a hinge is also added,which needs to be taken into account. With the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, Samsung has managed to reduce the size of the hinge by 6mm, which means it takes up 3mm less space in each of the halves of any phone. This may seem like extra space, enough to fit the S Pen inside, but the fact is that the S Pen itself is 5mm wide and the slot it plugs into is 3mm wider.

Problems with physics

Here are the disassembled Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra next to each other - just to give you an idea of ​​how crammed both of these phones are with components. Every millimeter of space - with the possible exception of the awkward protruding corners of the Galaxy S22 Ultra - is occupied by one component or another.

Often, Samsung stacks components on top of each other, such as circuit boards and connectors, to make the most efficient use of space, and this further complicates matters.


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In Z Fold 4, Samsung has shortened and expanded the bodyby an additional 3 mm compared to the Fold 3. Thus, the engineers have more horizontal space, but at the same time something has to be done with the reduced height of the phone.

Looking at the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we see again thatthe slot itself occupies approximately 8mm of horizontal space. As far as I can tell, there might be room to the right of the battery in the Z Fold 4 photo if some adjustments are made.

First, the Z Fold 4 needs to be slightly wider thanhe is. This could be a definite plus, since such a solution will further increase the internal and external displays. The outer display will thus get even closer to the size of a regular smartphone, while the inner display will get a little closer to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the OPPO Find N.

The photo below shows the exact size of the slotS Pen S22 Ultra and the area highlighted. As you can see, the battery gets in the way, protruding a few millimeters. If Samsung does not increase the width of the Fold 5, adding a slot could reduce battery capacity slightly.

However, one thing remains clear. Even if Samsung reduces the size of the hinge even further, there is clearly no room for an S Pen in the body of this phone without increasing the width of the device.

Is the case really that bad?

In truth, no.Using the case with the S Pen attached isn't really that much of a problem. In the photo - Spigen Thin Fit P case for Z Fold 4, the good news is that its rubber surface does not become greasy or slippery, like many other cases.

The S Pen is on the right side of the fronthalf of the phone when it is closed, and from the left edge when the phone is unfolded. This is very handy when you need to take out the stylus to take notes or draw on the large internal screen.

In turn, the location of the stylus directly aboveThe fingerprint scanner and the volume button are extremely inconvenient. There are cases of this configuration, and in many cases it is far from ideal. And in the case of the aforementioned case, the stylus is far enough away, and the finger has room to freely touch the power button, combined with a fingerprint scanner.

S Pen that comes with the S22 Ultra andprevious Galaxy Note phones, very small. Most often, of course, they don’t take their hand away from him, but it cannot be said that they are pleased to draw for a long time. Not the most comfortable thing in the world. And if you find a case that allows you to use a larger S Pen, you can use the stylus much more often than with the Z Fold 3. And if you carry the S Pen, say, in your wallet, it will simply be inconvenient to reach for it most of the time.

However, the presence of the S Pen inside the casea potential Fold 5 or Fold 6 would bring even more convenience, even with a smaller size and less comfortable stylus. Having the same S Pen as the S22 Ultra and previous Galaxy Note phones will give the Fold even more potential.

Flip and Fold are currently the top twosmartphone for selfies and group shots, vlogging or shooting any other multimedia content, because they can act as tripods in their own right. But what if the Z Fold 5 came with an active S Pen inside that allowed you to remotely control the camera, like on the S22 Ultra or Galaxy Note phones? Perhaps it would be a game changer.