Bugatti billiard table for 22 million rubles for playing while pitching on a yacht (5 photos)

Billiard lovers will now receivethe opportunity not to limit your desires during sea voyages on a yacht. New products from the Bugatti Lifestyle collection - a high-tech billiard table developed by Bugatti in cooperation with IXO will not allow such trifles as sea waves to prevent yacht owners from playing their favorite game. True, only really rich people will be able to afford such a toy, because the cost of the table will be 250 thousand euros or 22.44 million rubles.

The design of a unique billiard table fromThe automaker Bugatti is based on a robust aluminum and titanium frame and finished with an innovative material - carbon. Proud luxury car manufacturers have placed numerous company trademarks on the tabletop.

For yacht owners, tables are equipped (for a separateboard) by a system of gyroscopes that neutralize the effect of rolling on the water and keep the table surface in a horizontal position. The system adjusts the position of the game table plane every 5 milliseconds.

As an option, Bugatti offers a stand fora cue made of carbon fiber and mounted on the wall, and a 13-inch monitor that allows you to record the score during the game. To increase comfort, Bugatti has developed a signature LED ceiling light, and a special suitcase for transporting equipment.

According to Bugatti representatives, the circulation of suchsets will be no more than 30 pieces, and the order can be placed in June 2020. To celebrate the success in a billiard game, you can use a bottle of Bugatti Grand Cru champagne to mark the record of the Chiron Super Sport 300+ prototype, which set a new world achievement, accelerating to 490 kilometers per hour. Champagne in a bottle trimmed with carbon will cost only 270 euros or 25 thousand rubles.