Budget watch Casio G-Shock GBA900 with elements of a fitness tracker (4 photos)

The famous series of multifunctional wristThe G-Shock watch from Casio has received another model, made in the traditional brutal style of this brand, with many modern functions of smartwatches and fitness trackers.

The model badged as G-Shock GBA900 hastraditional case appearance with an easily recognizable design inherent in a brand with almost forty years of history. However, the functions of this fairly inexpensive model have been significantly expanded. In addition to showing time, the new watch is able to track the number of steps taken, speed, distance, calories burned, as well as work as a sports multifunctional stopwatch and perform other functions inherent in modern smart watches and fitness bracelets.

The new G-Shock GBA900 watch supports work withapplication on smartphones running both Android and iPhone for iOS. Wireless communication is carried out through the built-in Bluetooth module. For smartphones, a special G-Shock Move application has been released, where information from the G-Shock GBA900 is received. Dual LED Super Illuminator illumination allows you to use the watch in the dark.

The G-Shock GBA900 received a smallLCD screen, GPS module, stopwatch and alarm clock that can "communicate" with the user through the application on the smartphone, notifying about the end of the workout or the need to wake up. The shock-resistant watch case, as it should be for the G-Shock series, has protection from water (up to 200 meters) and is made in white and black colors. The cost of the G-Shock GBA900 on the official Casio website is $ 130.

Source: gshock