B’Safe cycling vest with airbag will save you from injury (4 photos + 2 videos)

According to the French company Helite, about 40%severe injuries received by cyclists fall on the chest, another quarter on the spine. This statistic prompted French developers to create a two-wheeled vehicle for fans of an airbag vest. The novelty was shown at the last CES 2019 exhibition. The B’Safe system includes a safety vest and an electronic unit installed under the bicycle seat. The device operates on 2 types of accidents.

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In one case, the accelerometer respondsan electronic unit that drives a motion sensor built into the vest. When fixing with the sensor of falling from the bicycle, the cartridge filled with carbon dioxide is activated. From there, the gas instantly fills the airbag built into the vest. Everything takes 80 milliseconds. If a person falls, for example, on a slippery road, the sensor will also react to a sharp change in the position of the cyclist, ensuring the operation of the system. A fully charged battery is enough for a week of use. In general, the battery can work for 5 years.

The novelty will be sold in 2 colors: black and yellow with an element that reflects light. In America and Europe, the B’Safe system will appear on the shelves in the spring and will cost $ 700.

Source: Helite