Broadcast: look at the assembly of the apparatus "Mars 2020" right now

In July 2020, important for scienceevent - the launch of the space mission "Mars 2020". Within its framework, the NASA space agency will send a rover of the same name to the Red Planet, and will try to find traces of an extinct life on it. At the moment, the device, which will study its surface, is at the assembly stage - now you can look at the work of engineers almost around the clock, live.

The device "Mars 2020" is created on the basis ofdesign of the rover "Curiosity", and is equipped with a large set of various sensors and scanners, as well as 23 cameras. One of the cameras, which will take pictures of stereoscopic photos in HD-resolution, was installed on the mast of the device quite recently - you can read about its purpose in our material.

Assembling the rover live

The development of the device is conducted in a sterile room.called "High Bay 1" located at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Recently, it installed a webcam that broadcasts everything that happens live on YouTube. It shows all the actions of technicians, but the transmission of sound in the broadcast, for unknown reasons, is not provided.

On the other hand, viewers have the opportunity to askspecialists questions - comments can be left during the day and evening, from Monday to Thursday. At the moment, it is known that the rover will fall to the surface of the planet along with the Mars Helicopter aircraft - it is almost ready to be shipped, and is only waiting for its follower.

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Space Agency plans to lower vehicleson the 45-kilometer long Mars crater of Jezero. It is believed that once there was located the delta of the ancient river, the rocks of which can now store the remains of microorganisms that once lived on Mars.

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