Bright photo portraits and stylish design: vivo presents the V25 Series in Russia (3 photos)

Vivo announces the release of the new V25 Series onRussian market, introducing the new V25 Pro with a 120 Hz curved 3D screen, V25 and V25e with a 64 MP ultra-sensitive camera and hybrid stabilization. Stylish smartphones with FlashCharge fast charging, 8 GB virtual memory expansion and photochromic glass design are available in a variety of color schemes that will attract the eyes of others. The elegant design and high performance of the line opens up new horizons for vivo users to create and express themselves.

V25 Series is an innovative line of smartphones forstylish users who are always in the process of creating, eager to explore new photo opportunities and share bright moments with loved ones. The novelties of the series not only correspond to this concept, but also offer new tools and functions. Intuitively controlled high-tech cameras let you capture the highlights of your life, while the unique UV-colour-changing body of smartphones will grab the attention of those around you. The new models are also equipped with a powerful processor with a high energy efficiency ratio, the latest cooling technology and a high-capacity battery with fast charging capability.

Bright and clear footage - no matter the time of day
Development of advanced mobile photography solutionsis the strategic direction of vivo's development. Continuing to develop mobile photography as an important part of the culture and everyday life of users, the new V25 Series offers improved camera capabilities, innovative imaging technologies and new tools for creating visual content.

64 MP ultra-sensitive camera with opticalstabilization offers the user to capture memorable moments in every detail even at night. Thanks to the combination of optical and electronic image stabilization, the images will be incredibly clear.

Hybrid Image Stabilization makes it easy to create great videos on the go by minimizing hand-shake blur.

Create great photos and impressiveportraits, even in low light conditions, the portrait mode with bokeh effect and bright highlights, with which you can remove skin imperfections and emphasize natural beauty, will help. This mode also offers users a set of effects that give the highlights in the background a variety of shapes, due to which the photos look more exciting.

Image clarity is a key factor not onlywhen shooting photo and video content, but also selfies. The V25 Series smartphones are equipped with high-resolution HD front cameras with autofocus for the eyes: 50 MP for V25, 32 MP for V25 Pro and V25e. In addition, the V25 Pro features an AI skin retouching algorithm that can remove skin imperfections and highlight unique facial features. The new V25 Pro and V25 have received an updated portrait mode function for the front camera, and all V25 Series models are equipped with an improved natural portrait mode function, which allows you to take high-quality selfies and apply various effects that improve the clarity and naturalness of the frame.

High performance and energy efficiency for everyday tasks
RAM pooling technologyV25 series smartphones allows you to increase the memory by 8 GB if necessary, in order to run a large number of applications even faster. So, the necessary programs will continue to work in the background, which will allow you to easily switch between them. With 256 GB of internal storage, you can store your favorite files, and if that's not enough, add up to 1 TB extra using the triple card slot.

High performance processor, fast chargingFlashCharge and a long-lasting battery provide fast smartphone performance, superior multitasking and responsiveness. The 6 nm platform supports high performance, so you can play and edit video in 4K resolution - the processor will easily provide the desired performance. With a smart charging system that minimizes device heat, the V25 Pro's 66W FlashCharge charges your smartphone to 42% in just 15 minutes, while the V25/V25e's 44W FlashCharge charges you to 61%/59% in 30 minutes. %.

Innovative design - photochromic body that changes color
vivo uses innovative materialsto develop the design and color shades of the case, so that users can get more positive emotions and comfort. The company uses a revolutionary anti-reflective glass with a velvety surface that changes color at different angles when exposed to ultraviolet light. In Côte d'Azur, the high-end model's body color changes from light blue to dark blue, the V25's "Aqua" version changes from blue to bluish green, and the V25e's Sunrise hue changes from gold to reddish orange color.