BQ 3590 XXL +: many button players

The Russian company BQ has a major new thing. Well, that is, it’s not that it is directly huge or especially significant, but a trifle will not be called any XXL +. Model BQ 3590 XXL + is really quite rather big, even though it is a button player. Just the screen she has the same diagonal (and resolution, by the way), like the very first iPhone - 3.5 ″.

The battery is good - a lot of 1400 mAh for the button player, although you cannot call it outstanding with such a screen.

There is a flashlight, there are no cameras at all (it’s correct, it would still be nonsense). No more remarkable. The price of the issue is ₽1690 ($ 22.8) at the start of sales.

You can choose different colors of cantina: in addition to black there are green, red, red and blue options.

Key Features of BQ 3590 XXL +:

ScreenTFT-TN, 3.5 ″, 320 × 480, 165 ppi
Memory RAM 64 MB, ROM 64 MB, Micro-SD up to 64 GB
Mobile networks GSM
Battery Li-Ion, 1400 mAh
Dimensions153 x 64 x 14.2 mm
Weight122 g
No camera

Tatyana Kobelskaya