BQ 2825 Disco Boom - Mobile Disco

BQ has a freaky new thing - a mobile phone-boombox. And not only - BQ 2825 Disco Boom impresses with its variety of talents.

Call the device a regular button language is notturns, the device and is able to more than it should be a standard mobile phone, and it looks very unusual. Model in combination is a bluetooth column. Not the fact that the outstanding acoustic characteristics, of course, but certainly not a beeper - it's hard not to notice the dynamics.

It is difficult not to pay attention to two lamps: one on the standard place, on the upper end, the other on the side. This second one is a light-music system, so it was more fun to listen to. On the opposite side - a convenient button to turn on the flashlight.

BQ 2825 Disco Boom is surprisingly heavy - 282grams, and has a solid thickness - 34.5 mm. This is partly due to the fact that he also has a high-capacity battery - 5400 mAh. He himself does not need so much, so it is possible to share the charge, for which there is a full-size USB port in the bottom.

There are also three SIM card slots. It is not clear why, probably, there was just a lot of space.

Very famously. And it is quite budget - $ 2190 at the start of sales.

Key features of the BQ 2825 Disco Boom:

Screen TFT, 2.8 ″, 240 × 320
Micro SD memory up to 32 GB
Mobile networksGSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
BatteryLi-Ion, 5400 mAh
Dimensions152 x 68 x 34.5 mm
Weight282 g
Camera 0.3 MP, flash, no autofocus

Blackbear C-88 Karaoke

And since we are talking about phones increasedmusical, one can not refrain from mentioning another newly discovered novelty, however, already for the Indian market. Blackbear C-88 Karaoke, in accordance with the name, can work as karaoke. Plus, everything listed above in the description of the BQ 2825 Disco Boom for this device is also true: a high-capacity battery (6000 mAh) with the ability to share a charge, light-music and a hefty speaker in stock. Even simcard slots are also three. The price tag looks like - 2199 rupees (2060 rubles).

Being represented in different markets Blackbear C-88 Karaoke and [BQ 2825 Disco Boom]] to each other, of course, not competitors, but perhaps the brainchild of BQ looks more interesting.

Tatyana Kobelskaya