Boston Dynamics will start selling robops this year (3 pics + 4 videos)

Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert (MarcRaibert) made an official statement that already this year, commercial samples of SpotMini robops will go on sale. This is the first product of the manufacturer, which will enter the market, before that only isolated prototypes were produced to demonstrate the new achievements of specialists in the field of robotics.

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In 2019 they are going to release a batch of 100four-legged spotmin devices. Production is already underway and, before the start of sales, every “pet” will undergo a thorough quality check. In addition, the machines may receive some changes in the design, since Boston Dynamics made changes to the design to reduce the cost and scope of the assembly process, as well as to increase the protection of the product body in the process of future use by customers.

How much will have to pay for the robot-dog manufacturer was ashamed to report ahead of time, the retail price will be announced in the summer.