Boston Dynamics will start mass production of SpotMini robots this summer.

Last year at TechCrunch,dedicated to robotics, the Boston Dynamics company announced plans to launch its SpotMini robot dog on commercial rails. The latest model of this robot will be the embodiment of ten years of work on a four-legged machine, which the company has developed specifically for inspecting and controlling various production and office premises. At the TechCrunch event, which took place the day before, one of the founders and president of Boston Dynamics, Mark Rybert, went up to the scene, finally presenting a production version of the robops.

The company plans to release this year about100 models of SpotMini. According to Reibert, their production should begin in July and August. Boston Dynamics already has a production line for assembly, but on it, as the head of the robotic company explained, there are currently "beta versions" of four-legged machines being produced, in which various adjustments are made from time to time. Unfortunately, nothing is reported on the price of a single SpotMini. This information will become available closer to the same summer.

As the coming full massproduction SpotMini, the company also shared information that the machine has undergone new upgrades: its design has received new, better and more reliable components, an updated external case that protects the robot, for example, when it falls. In addition, the robot received two cameras (front and rear), so now it can look at the situation in all directions at once.

The production version of SpotMini will alsoequipped with a robotic arm, which some for some reason mistakenly perceive the head. The hand has spatial stabilization: even when the robot is displaced from a certain point, it remains in the same position it was in, which makes the machine even more flexible and useful for various tasks.

Speaking at the TechCrunch Event by RaibertHe expressed the hope that their SpotMini could become a real “Android among robots” (or the coolest android among other androids). The machine is endowed with an advanced navigation system and offers wide possibilities for programming various applications for it in accordance with the tasks set.

Four-legged SpotMini should be the firstcommercial robot company Boston Dynamics, but definitely not the last. Earlier, we already talked about the Handle wheeled robot, which is intended for moving various cargoes in warehouses. Robots of this type have recently become very relevant among various companies. By the way, the latest acquisition by Boston Dynamics of Kinema Systems, a company engaged in the development of computer vision technologies, can further increase interest in such machines.

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