Boston Dynamics robots mastered complex movements, and Spot went on sale (2 videos)

Boston Dynamics Robots Learn Moregraceful movements, constantly demonstrating the development of technology. By a recent significant event - the official start of sales of the famous Spot robot, the company released several commercials and, finally, revealed the technical characteristics of its main robot.

Spot model is able to work offline90 minutes, and the process of replacing the battery takes very little time. Robots, the size of which is comparable to an average dog, will be able to carry loads weighing up to 14 kg. Spot will be able to work at an ambient temperature in the range from -20 to + 45 degrees Celsius. The robot casing is qualified for protection against dust and water according to the IP54 standard. Also, the famous robot is resistant to shock, able to detect obstacles and avoid them.

Spot robots are adapted for teamwork. Using all the features of the device helps the company in negotiations with the military and the police about the possible use of Spot as a sapper. Application of the capabilities of the robot can be found in the energy sector, in oil wells, in construction and in border protection.

Spot features interested inthe du Soleil circus, where they are considering using the device for entertainment. However, for these purposes, the next Boston Dynamics model may be more suitable - the Atlas robot, which showed some elements of parkour during the demonstration - it did a somersault, somersault and jump in the jump. Pi, the robot showed a certain grace, all movements were smooth, without jerking. Atlas is currently under development and testing.

Source: bostondynamics