Boston Dynamics robots get 3D vision

Despite the fact that the robots of the American companyBoston Dynamics are an excellent example that demonstrates the latest achievements in the field of modern robotics; they are still not ready for the realities of everyday life and the tasks that they plan to impose on them. But thanks to the company's recent acquisition by startup Kinema Systems, things can change sooner than we thought. Thanks to this deal, Boston Dynamics has made a big step towards moving its robots, who move boxes (as well as run, jump, wash dishes) to the real world, writes the portal Engadget.

Kinema Systems is a young Californiana Menlo-Park company using deep machine learning technology to give robots the three-dimensional vision needed to locate and move various objects. It allows the machine to recognize different products and manipulate objects of different sizes, even if the surface of these objects is not perfectly flat. With this purchase, Boston Dynamics now has the software necessary for their robots to finally become practical and effective outside the company's laboratory, which means that soon they can be seen, for example, in various warehouses where movement is required. various objects of different dimensions.

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By the way, three-dimensional technology verificationmachine vision Pick System was implemented in the new version of the robot Handle, the video of which was published on our website last week. In it, a couple of cars very deftly moved the boxes from the pallet to the conveyor.

As pointed out by TechCrunch, softwareThe platform developed by Kinema Systems is universal, which means that the technology of three-dimensional machine vision can be integrated into other Boston Dynamics robots, for example, in the same human-like Atlas robot or the SpotMini robot dog.

Now the company focuses specifically on the Handle robot porter, but when it starts selling these machines to real enterprises is unknown. Perhaps very soon.

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