Bosch smart glasses transmit the image directly to the pupil of the eye (video)

Integration of computer technology in smart glassesRecently, many leading high-tech companies in the world have been engaged. Bosch is one of them, but instead of a presentation, company representatives simply talked about technology for journalists. The main reason for such a strange presentation is the complexity of the technical details of laser technology for displaying dynamic images directly in the human eye. At the same time, using Bosch glasses is quite simple - they practically do not differ from ordinary glasses, are practical in use and more economical.

Bosch technology does not use eyeglass lenses inscreen quality. A special microscopic electromechanical mirror array (MEMS) with an ASIC controller directs low-power laser beams (red, green and blue) into the user's eye through a transparent holographic element. An important condition is the accurate adjustment of the glasses to the individual characteristics of the person’s face, since the broadcast is conducted directly to the user's pupil.

Glasses are designed to work with one eye, whichallows a person to freely navigate in the surrounding world and track events around him. The focal distance is set at 1.3 meters, which allows you to communicate with people around you. However, it can be retuned to watch movies or to drive vehicles. The viewing angle of such glasses is only 15 degrees and the position of the eyes is not tracked, so when you turn the pupil, the virtual image disappears.

Bosch glasses used modifiedNorth Focals technology, which in turn is derived from Intel Vaunt. However, the devices presented by Bosh are 30% lighter and weigh only 10 grams. The built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 350mAh will provide autonomous operation for 14 hours.

Using glasses, the user will be able to work withmessaging platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat, receive calendar reminders, use the minimalistic features of navigation systems. In addition, all the data entering the user's eye is completely invisible to others and, therefore, full confidentiality is maintained. Bosch is currently looking for partners to bring smart glasses to the market.