Bosch introduced the "smart" stroller. What can she do?

Today, an increasing number of different devicesis rapidly “getting smarter”, providing users with all new features. And if we are used to “smart” watches, many people already have “smart” speakers, and the term “smart home” began to be perceived as something ordinary, then more specific “smart” devices still cause genuine interest. For example, a "smart" stroller from Bosch. How is it remarkable? And how is it different from a regular stroller? Let's get it right.

The "smart" stroller does not look exactly the same as usual

What is a smart stroller?

Strictly speaking, if you take a look at this stroller,then at first glance you may not notice any special differences in the design. The creation of Bosch was called eStroller and a pair of electric motors is built into it. But if you think that the stroller will move by itself, then this is far from the case. And it is unlikely that there will be a conscious parent who will allow the robot to walk with the infant. At least for now.

This is interesting: Thanks to the new smart glass, cameras with a face recognition system are no longer needed.

But let's not be distracted: electric motors are primarily intended to help with the movement of the stroller. That is, the one who controls it will have to make less effort when moving. For example, the system will help push the stroller uphill or perform braking. In addition, a number of sensors are integrated into the eStroller to analyze pavement, tilt, and the environment.

The stroller looks very futuristic

These sensors will help, as the creators assure“Prevent the wheelchair from moving in unexpected directions” in case the parent is suddenly distracted, and also contribute to the redistribution of energy to help move. For example, if there is an obstacle, the stroller will slow down and add revolutions on the road from gravel to make it easier to push forward. Naturally, if the stroller is discharged, then no one forbids you to push it without any auxiliary systems.

How does a smart stroller work?

Here are the batteriesreplaceable 18-volt lithium-ion batteries. Exactly the same ones used in Bosch power tools today. Besides the fact that they are quite convenient to charge, they are also convenient to replace in case of failure. Since they are not so expensive. At the same time, the management assistance system described above is far from the only thing Bosch can boast of. The case also has a USB port that can charge your devices, as well as a Bluetooth module for pairing with your gadget.

Using a special application, you can find outthe remaining battery power, the distance traveled, learn about the operation of the management assistance system, and also install the “anti-theft system”. This is a kind of alarm clock (or siren, if you want), which will work if the stroller is too far from the device connected to it or if the connection with it is abruptly disconnected.

It is noteworthy that Bosch itself sells eStrollerwill not be. Instead, an agreement has already been made with the Swedish company Emmaljunga. It is planned to produce not only single, but also double, and possibly triple "smart" strollers. The first batch is scheduled for early 2020. But so far only in Sweden. The cost of the stroller is not yet known.