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Bosch has developed a clear visor to protect drivers from bright light

What do you think under what weather conditionsdo most car accidents happen? You might think that road accidents occur in icy conditions or during heavy fog, however, representatives of the German company Bosch claim that drivers usually lose concentration on sunny days. So that bright light does not get into the eyes, motorists usually lower a special visor, which is located on the upper part of the passenger compartment right in front of the driver. However, this visor not only prevents temporary blindness due to exposure to sunlight and headlights of oncoming cars, but also partially limits the field of vision of the driver. Bosch seems to have found a solution to this problem, but its technology also has one weakness. But which one?

Bosch smart visor can prevent car accidents

To protect drivers from glare,Bosch upgraded existing sun visors with a transparent liquid crystal panel. It consists of large hexagonal segments, which in a selective order can become opaque and thereby create a shadow in the eyes of a person. The difference from ordinary visors consists only in the fact that the shadow smoothly follows the position of the human eyes, while the rest of the film remains transparent and does not interfere with the driver to follow the road.

Despite the advantages, the technology has disadvantages.

Perhaps in the future the company will correct thesecons and in real cars the “smart” visor will appear in perfect shape. At the moment, this device is an early prototype, so engineers have time to work on improving the technology. However, when and in which cars such a device will appear is still unknown. It is possible that it will be sold separately complete with cameras and it can be installed on almost any car.

With all this, do not forget that the reasonsAccidents are not only difficult weather conditions, but also the behavior of the drivers themselves. For example, many motorists get into trouble due to the fact that they communicate on the phone while driving. Many developers are trying to prevent possible accidents, and the most interesting such project at the moment is technology from the Israeli company Eyesight Technologies. It also uses sensors inside the car to track the actions of the driver, and more about it can be found in our special material.