Boring Company will build a high-speed subway in Las Vegas (3 photos)

The first test underground system wasIt was demonstrated by The Boring Company, founded by Ilon Mask, last year in Los Angeles. The main task of the innovative transport system is to save large cities from permanent traffic jams. After six months, the Las Vegas Department of Tourism and Conferences voted to approve the LVCC Loop project to create an underground system in the city. The contract with The Boring Company is signed by the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA), the exhibition complex which hosts the annual electronics exhibitions CES.

For the conference CES 2021 exhibition complexconducts global expansion and erects new buildings. After reconstruction, the area of ​​LVCVA buildings will be 0.8 square km, while visitors will have to travel up to 3.2 km between the most distant buildings. It is for the delivery of passengers to such a distance that The Boring Company transportation system will be created. Distant points of the exhibition complex will connect two tunnels with three stations. Mask announced the start of construction in two months. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of the year. The length of each tunnel will be 1.6 km.

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The Boring Company did not clarify whichtransport will be used in the transport system. Earlier it was announced the use of special autonomous electric buses moving at a speed of 240 km / h and designed for 16 passengers. However, later a system using an electric Tesla Model X equipped with retractable wheels for riding on rails was demonstrated. During the discussion of the project in March, three options were considered: Model X and Model 3 cars and an electric bus for 16 passengers. The contract is estimated at $ 48.7 million, and two-thirds of the amount will be paid to the contractor after the system is launched.

It was previously stated that The Boring Company shouldstart building high-speed underground tunnels in Los Angeles and Chicago. However, in Chicago, mayoral elections were held, and the new head of the city is in no hurry to finance the project. In Los Angeles, construction has not yet begun. Another tunnel project between New York and Washington is being hampered by environmentalists. Thus, the underground system Mask in Las Vegas can be the first project brought to commercial use.