Boeing's "Taxi" for delivering astronauts to the ISS is ready for testing

NASA intends to deliver astronauts withEarth on the ISS with the help of small spacecraft. It chose SpaceX and Boeing as its assistants in this business - the latter has developed the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft, which will be put into operation after successful unmanned testing. Last year, testing was failed due to a fuel leak, but now Boeing has announced that the device has been repaired and is ready to prove its safety.

Boeing Starliner has not yet been tested in space, butdevelopers are confident that everything will go smoothly. Earlier, the device had already been tested in the atmosphere of the Earth - it successfully opened the parachute and used a screen that protects it from high temperatures as the ship passes through the atmosphere. There is no doubt that the device will be able to land safely and easily.

According to Boeing spokesman Maribet Davis,if the device proves its safety in space, astronauts will be able to sit in it and go to the ISS in August 2019. The mission will be called Orbital Flight Test and will be launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force station in Florida. It was there, we recall, that the famous space programs Gemini and Apollo were launched.

The International Space Station, in itsturn, ready to receive guests. Astronauts have already installed highly sensitive cameras on docking equipment, since spacecraft must be carefully aligned with each other. If any misalignment occurs during the docking, there is a risk of breakage of important parts of the apparatus.

SpaceX plans to deliver astronauts to the ISS on the Crew Dragon (Dragon-2) spacecraft. At the beginning of the year it became known that its first launch will take place in the first half of 2019.

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