Boeing's moon landing concept introduced

Moon Race Space Raceis in full swing. This month, NASA has finished accepting applications from the technical projects of private companies that have developed various concepts of landing on the moon. One of the most likely winners of the upcoming contest is the Boeing aerospace concern, which has developed a system focused on flight safety.

The essence of the technique of flight, landing on the moon andreturn to Earth consists in launching the Human Lander System installation into orbit by launching one rocket. In this case, the number of operations in outer space is reduced and the safety of the crew is increased, compared with techniques that suggest launching a landing system in space with the help of several launches with its further installation in orbit. As a carrier, it is proposed to use the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1B superheavy rocket.

NASA’s previous planengineers from Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, participated in several stages. First, two astronauts using one of the modifications of the SLS rocket will be delivered to the Gateway station in the Orion capsule, where, upon completion of the mission, a return flight to Earth should be made. Then, astronauts, among whom, according to NASA plans, a woman will fly to the moon, must transplant a device designed to land on the moon.

Boeing's methodology will allow to pass the stagetransplant and directly land on the moon. The system is based on the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft, which will be sent on a test flight to the ISS on December 17, 2019.

The NASA program "Artemis." Two of the most promising moon landing projects will be selected, and the first flight will be completed by a contractor able to carry out the full range of work for launching and landing on the moon in 2024. The second company will make a second flight a year later.

Source: mediaroom