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Boeing will pay $ 2 million to create a better jetpack

In the yard for a long time the 2017th year, and flyingcars are just starting to make their first timid test flights. Instead of joining the race to create the best flying car, the American company Boeing suddenly remembered that there is still such a thing as a jetpack. On this occasion, she launched a contest, the winner of which will be the one who manages to create the most convenient and efficient jetpack prototype. The prize fund of the competition will be $ 2,000,000.

The event is somewhat reminiscent of a Google initiativeto create the best moon rover called Lunar X Prize. The participating teams will be given exactly two years to implement their project and bring it to a presentable appearance. After that, the developed jetpacks will be demonstrated to an authoritative jury. The conditions of the competition are simple and understandable: the jetpack must transfer a person to a distance of 20 miles (a little more than 32 kilometers) without additional refueling and intermediate touchdowns. Boeing needs a fairly compact jetpack that is quiet enough and suitable for moving in an urban environment.

The prize fund is planned to be distributed as followsimage: ten teams that will be selected after studying their proposed future jetpack concepts will receive $ 20,000 each for development. Four of the best prototypes will be selected from them, which will receive another $ 50,000 for revision. After the final flight, the winning team will receive a prize of $ 1,000,000. But there will also be additional prizes. Including $ 100,000 for the most original concept, as well as two prizes of $ 250,000 for "a work of art in the field of aircraft" and "the quietest jetpack."