Boeing unmanned fighter - already in 2020

Boeing Corporation has many promising projects,and one of them is a platform for creating autonomous fighters called the Airpower Teaming System. It is already known that the first active drone on its basis will be Loyal Wingman. Being intended to escort manned aircraft, it will be ready for its first flight in 2020. The project was developed by order of the Ministry of Defense of Australia.

In addition to being able to accompanymanned vehicles, it can be used for reconnaissance and even attack. It is known that autonomous work is provided by artificial intelligence, which can be programmed to perform any missions. The intelligent system will also be useful for maintaining the distance between it and other aircraft. Since there is no pilot inside, he can fly much longer - more than 3,700 kilometers.

Boeing representatives do not disclose how muchcost the development of new items. However, they shared that the unmanned fighter is much cheaper than manned analogues. The corporation plans to produce a new type of fighter aircraft only on request, and we agree to equip them with additional equipment required by the customer.

The aircraft can be in high demand.since it can be sent to extremely dangerous tasks, without putting the lives of ordinary pilots at risk. However, Boeing is not the only company involved in such a project. for example, in 2015, Lockheed Martin began developing an unmanned fighter based on the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Do not forget about other interesting projects.Boeing. At the moment, she is also working with Aerion on the development of a supersonic business jet. Commercial production of the intriguing Aerion AS2 is scheduled for 2023.

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