Boeing Starliner successfully returned to Earth after a test flight to the ISS (video)

NASA and Boeing successfully land spacecrafta CST-100 Starliner in the desert of the western United States, completing an unmanned orbital flight to the International Space Station to prove the system is ready for astronauts to fly.

Approximately four hours after departure fromThe Starliner space station has landed, completing a six-day mission testing the capability of the crewed spacecraft. The landing followed a 16:05 deorbit, separation of the spacecraft service module, and successful deployment of three main parachutes and six airbags.

Flight testing began on Thursday, May 19, when Starliner launched a ULA Atlas V rocket from Spaceport 41 at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

“NASA and the Boeing Company, today made an important anda successful step towards increasing the number of manned space flights to the International Space Station on American spacecraft,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “The mission of OFT-2 is a collaborative force that allows us to innovate for the benefit of humanity and inspire the world through discovery. This golden era of space flight would not have been possible without the thousands of people who persevered and poured their passion into this great achievement.”

Source: nasa