Boeing first showed the latest F-15EX fighter on video

American aerospace giant Boeing alreadyseveral years working on the creation of the latest fighter of the latest generation F-15EX. Earlier, some photos of the future aircraft were already leaked to the vastness of the world wide web. But now a video has appeared of how the novelty of aviation looks. Moreover, it was not someone who posted it, but the developers themselves. In addition, some other details became known regarding a new generation fighter.

Boeing F-15EX - one of the most advanced developments of the aerospace agency

What the latest F-15EX fighter is capable of

According to representatives of Boeing,The F-15EX is the most economical, fast, well-armed and advanced solution ever created by the company's engineers and designers. The new combat aircraft will be equipped with the world's fastest and most efficient on-board computer, an advanced flight control system for efficient fuel consumption and better maneuvering, and an advanced electronic radar that can detect targets at a very long distance.

World’s fastest computer ✔
Fly-by-wire controls ✔
Leading edge electronic radar ✔ # F15EX brings next-gen tech to the @USAirForce fleet. # ASC19

- Boeing Defense (@BoeingDefense) September 17, 2019

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According to official figures, the fighter will behave 12 points for the suspension and mounting of air-to-air missiles and 15 points for air-to-ground weapons. Thus, the F-15EX will become one of the most well-armed fighters in the world at the moment. If you are interested in this topic, we recommend subscribing to our news channel in Telegram in order not to miss anything.

F-15EX Boeing Provides Great Utilityload, power and flight range than any fighter in its class, Boeing representatives said. Advanced architecture F-15 facilitates the integration of new weapons, created on the basis of the latest weapons systems.

It is worth noting that as a "basis" forthe development of the F-15EX used far from new and advanced fighter McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. However, this does not mean that the new combat vehicle is “out of date”. From McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle taken only, so to speak, "frame", which was karyne convenient and made it easy to install and change modules, equipment and weapons. At the same time, unlike its predecessor, the F-15EX has much greater maneuverability, the already mentioned extended ammunition and an improved set of solutions to reduce radar visibility. This means that the aircraft will be not only a fairly powerful combat unit, but also a unit hardly noticeable to the radar of a potential enemy.

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Already, the U.S. Department of DefenseThe US Air Force and with the support of the Senate Committee on State Appropriations allocated $ 992.4 million for the arming of 8 F-15EX fighters, 2 of which are ready for operation and are undergoing a series of test flights. In addition, Boeing expects interest in the F-15EX not only from the US Air Force, but also from foreign customers, who, according to some reports, will have to purchase an additional 24 fighter planes per year.