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Boeing develops the fastest reconnaissance helicopter

The U.S. Army is constantly updating its list ofmilitary equipment. In 2016, she abandoned the use of Bell OH-58 Kiowa light reconnaissance helicopters, which have been used since 1969 and are now actively looking for a replacement. The development of a more modern analogue is carried out as part of the FARA contest, which is part of the larger FVL program for the production of five new types of new aircraft for army aviation. One of the best analogues is being developed by the American corporation Boeing. It looks like a regular helicopter, only it has a number of features that allow it to accelerate to an impressive 333 kilometers per hour and perform complex maneuvers.

The fastest helicopter from Boeing

The helicopter under development was described inFlightglobal Edition. To win the FARA competition, companies need to create an aircraft capable of speeds of at least 180 knots, which is exactly 333 kilometers per hour. The novelty from Boeing is made according to the classical helicopter scheme, but two screws will be installed on the rear of the device at once.

High-speed reconnaissance helicopter

According to Boeing representatives, the newthe reconnaissance helicopter will receive a rotor with six blades located on top, a tail rotor with four blades mounted on the tail, and a four-blade propeller. Also included in the design is a turboshaft engine, divided into two unconnected parts. It is believed that it is thanks to this structure that the device will be able to develop high speeds.

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Since the helicopter is intended for reconnaissance,in addition, he will receive an aircraft gun located on the bow. In the cockpit will be placed immediately two pilots who will sit exactly one after another. Unfortunately, at the moment this is all that is known about the new Boeing reconnaissance helicopter. Perhaps other features of the device will be revealed in the future.

The fastest helicopter Eurocopter X3

Despite all the features of the new items from Boeing,consider it the fastest helicopter is not worth it. This title can currently be given to the aircraft Eurocopter X3, which has a main rotor with five blades and pulling blades at the ends of the wings. Also in the design of the device are two Rolls-Royce Turbomeca engines, each of which has an output of 2,270 kilometers per hour. Thanks to all this, the Eurocopter X3 helicopter can reach a speed of 472 kilometers per hour.