Boeing and Aerion to launch first supersonic business jet

The American corporation Boeing has connected toa project for the revival of a supersonic passenger aircraft and announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Aerion. The details of the transaction are not really reported, but it is indicated that Boeing contributed “substantial investments” to the development of the project. Most likely, one of the world's largest manufacturers of aviation, space and military equipment will also be able to provide their engineering, manufacturing and test facilities for the development of the Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet.

Aircraft industry has taken a big step backwards withrefusal and closure of the operation program of supersonic passenger airliners "Concord" in 2003. Since then, no one has come to replace the Concorde, but since the first flight of a supersonic passenger airliner until today there has been significant technological progress, so the accumulated knowledge and experience allow us to look again at the possibility of creating significantly more economical, environmentally friendly cleaner and safer passenger aircraft traveling faster than sound speeds.

This is how the interior of the first AS2 supersonic business jet from Aerion may look.

One of the leading players of the last decade inThe “race” for the creation of the successor to the Concord is the Nevada-based American company Aerion, which is developing a 12-seater business jet capable of a speed of 1.4 Mach (1,671 kilometers per hour). According to the previously proposed concepts, the supersonic business jet will operate on the basis of three new generation Affinity aircraft engines from GE Aviation.

GE engine previously submittedA new type will work through the detonation process - in it the burning front propagates faster than the speed of sound. In addition, a powerful shock wave propagates through the fuel, causing a chemical reaction with a huge amount of heat release. This approach allows you to burn fuel much faster than conventional engines.

One of the shortcomings of the Concord was its noiseespecially when going beyond the sound barrier. In this case, a shock wave was formed around the aircraft, accompanied by a very loud bang. The company Aerion noted that the proposed advanced design and design of the fuselage will significantly reduce the noise values ​​of their aircraft.

It is assumed that the business jet AS2 will go into commercial production in 2023, and its sales will begin in 2025.

Until recently, Aerion collaborated with Lockheed Martin, which also provided technical support, but for unnamed reasons this partnership was terminated.

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