Bobsla manoeuvrable electric sled for downhill skiing on snowy slopes (2 photos + video)

High technology comes to skiresorts, providing vacationers with new entertainment on the snowy slopes. Startup Bobsla delivered a test batch of mechanized sleds to the Alpine resort of Obergurgl in the Alps, allowing for exciting descents, as well as a measured and tireless return to the starting point.

From now on, the sled itself will rise uphill. The Bobsla mechanical device integrates the capabilities of the simplest sleigh and snowmobile. The simple and compact body of the novelty is made in the form of a box equipped in the rear with two tracks, a 12 kW electric motor and a hydraulic drive that provides power transfer from the motor to the tracks.

The control system is quite simple and consists oftwo levers that simply block one of the tracks if necessary to make a turn. Simplicity of design provides quick repair and quick user training. An effective control system and an optimal design will also provide the ability to move on snow of any density with the ability to easily make maneuvers at speeds up to 30 km / h, as well as perform an emergency stop.

Bobsla electric sleds pass testtests and are not mass-produced. However, the mechanism has already been nominated for the BrandNew Awards. According to the developers, the only problem with Bobsla is the fast battery consumption. At the moment, to solve this problem, the ability to quickly replace the battery with a backup one is used. The time to fully charge the batteries is 2 hours.

Source: bobsla