BMW will create an electric car M5 - competitor Tesla Model S Plaid

Competition in the electric car market is becomingmore and more hot. The debate between the future Tesla Model S Plaid heavy-duty car and the Porsche Taycan electric car will be intervened in the near future by BMW Corporation, which is developing the BMW M5 electric model, which will exceed 1,000 horsepower.

The first tests of Porsche cars took place in Augustlast year, when Taycan set a speed record on the Nurburgring's toughest track. However, a month later this record was broken on the same track by the experimental Tesla Model S with a Plaid power plant. At the same time, the company Mask said that its car will cost up to 150 thousand dollars.

BMW announcing the start of work on the creationelectric car M5, does not specify its future price, but claims that the car will be ready in the next five years. The electric car from BMW will be equipped with three 250 kW engines. The layout of the electric motors suggests that two engines will be located at the rear and one at the front of the M5. The total power of 750 kW or 1006 horsepower allows the BMW M5 to accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds.

Tesla's three-engine will be installed in Plaidinstallation with a cylindrical battery of 130 kW, with a capacity of about 800 hp The promising BMW M5 will receive traditional 135 kW battery packs that charge up to 350 kW. Autonomous mileage M5 on a single battery charge will be 700 km. To date, up to 350 kW have only nine stations in England and Ireland. Experts believe that by the release of the BMW M5, the infrastructure of high-power charging stations can become much more branched.

Source: thenextweb