Bluetooth speaker with ferromagnetic liquid for music visualization (2 photos + video)

Popular in the 80s of the last centurycolor music was revived by the efforts of the Korean artist Dakda Jung in a new original technological solution - in the form factor of a compact Bluetooth speaker that simultaneously plays and visualizes musical compositions.

The principle of operation of the unusual two-colorcolor music consists in the use of a magnetic field that acts on a ferromagnetic liquid and makes it perform bizarre movements, change its shape or split into several fragments.

Ferromagnetic fluid is enclosed in a transparenta flat cylindrical vessel, where it is suspended in a transparent liquid carrier. From the back, a kind of "screen" is illuminated by LEDs. A magnet acting on a ferromagnetic fluid changes the generated magnetic field depending on the piece of music being played.

The whole system is enclosed in a white cube case,made on a 3D printer. The column has a speaker, audio amplifier and Bluetooth module. The entire manufacturing process and operation of a ready-made speaker with a "dancing" ferromagnetic screen can be seen on YouTube on the inventor's channel.