Bluetooth 5.1 tracks lost items up to centimeters (4 pics + video)

Internal navigation and tracker tags will becometo be determined much more accurately in the near future due to the advent of the Bluetooth 5.1 wireless data transmission standard. In fact, it will allow devices to determine the direction from which the Bluetooth connection is coming.

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Currently Bluetooth can ratedistance only (depending on signal level). In version 5.1 there will be two ways to determine the direction using several antennas (either in a smartphone or in a transmitter). For example, the next time you search for lost keys that have a Bluetooth tracker, you will receive an arrow pointing to the right path, and not just a point indication. Moreover, the distance will be indicated with centimeter accuracy. The same skill of the new standard will be useful when visiting exhibitions, museums, galleries, shopping centers, etc.

Another change in Bluetooth 5.1 will speed up the process of establishing communication for the devices to which you have connected before. Simply put, when connected to a gadget, it sends a list of its capabilities. This list can be cached to save time and energy (caching was enabled earlier, but v5.1 will make it smarter). Also improved is the GATT profile used for communicating smart home devices.

The first devices with new Bluetooth will appear this year.