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Blue Origin will send the first tourist into space in July 2021. How do I get a ticket?

In early 2021, CNBC reported thatthe American company Blue Origin will be able to deliver the first tourists into space in April. But in the appointed month, the company only conducted a test flight of the New Shepard, which contained a dummy named Skywalker. The flight went just fine and the capsule with the doll made a soft landing without any problems. It became clear that the company is already ready to provide space tourists with complete safety during the flight, so it was recently able to name the exact date of the first tourist flight - July 20, 2021. The ship can accommodate six passengers, but only two people will take part in the upcoming flight: a professional astronaut and the person who wins the auction organized by Blue Origin. It seems that space lovers will have to fork out seriously.

Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft

Blue Origin's first tourist flight

About the first tourist flight into space BlueOrigin said on her Twitter. To get a chance to win a ticket for the New Shepard ship, you need to go to the company's website and take part in the auction. From May 5, those wishing to fly into space are placing bets, but the amount of money sent will be unknown. These data will be open only on May 19, after which the auction participants will outbid each other's bids. Bidding will close on June 12th and the winner is whoever offers the most money. The proposed amount will subsequently be donated to the Club for the Future, which inspires children and adolescents to work in technology and science.

Planting the capsule will look something like this

The winner of the auction will be the first spacea tourist who used the services of Blue Origin. How much the ticket will cost for subsequent tourists is still unknown. Previously, the company opened pre-order tickets and they cost around 250 thousand dollars. The first flights were supposed to take place in 2020, but were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The founder of Blue Origin is one of the richest people in the world Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon

The current 2021 may well be called a yearspace tourism. In July, we will observe the tourist flight of the New Shepard spacecraft, and in September, the flight of four people aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon. Tickets for the September flight were also raffled off during the competition, during which the organizers managed to raise more than $ 15 million for St. Jude's Hospital. You can read more about the upcoming flight at this link.

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