Blue Origin successfully tests New Shepard lunar landing rocket

Aerospace company Blue Origin,owned by Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos, launched the New Shepard reusable rocket on October 13. The next, already the 7th flight for this rocket, was carried out to test the precision moon landing system developed at NASA.

The launch was carried out from a spaceport in West Texas. The New Shepard rocket reached a suborbital altitude of 106 kilometers, after which it split up and the reentry unit landed at the launch site of the cosmodrome. The flight time was 10 minutes and 9 seconds.

On the outside of the New Shepard rocket wasposted a test model of the precision lunar landing system. The maximum flight speed was 3592 km / h. During the mission, the rocket also carried several thousand postcards from the non-profit organization Blue Origin, Club for the Future, on which NASA Artemis stamps were pasted.

Based on the exact fit model, aa real lander for NASA's Artemis project to land two astronauts on the moon. The flight is scheduled for 2024. It is envisaged that the landing accuracy will not exceed 100 meters from the intended landing point.

Source: blueorigin