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Blood Donation Helps Cleanse 'Eternal Chemicals'

According to VTsIOM data for 2019, the experience of blood donationhave 45% of the inhabitants of Russia. Every year the number of donors is growing and, most often, men go to donate blood. Most people donate because they want to help people in need. But there are also those who want to benefit materially from this or improve their health. In the course of scientific research, it has been proven that regular blood donation is useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis, diseases of the digestive system, liver, and so on. Recently, scientists have found compelling evidence that blood donation helps the body cleanse itself of "perpetual chemicals" that do not break down naturally. In the framework of this article, I propose to find out exactly what substances are in question, and how scientists learned about the next beneficial effect of blood donation.

Donating blood helps cleanse the body of harmful substances

Interesting fact: Every year on April 20, National Donor Day is celebrated. It was on this day, in 1832, that the first successful blood transfusion procedure was performed in Russia.

What are eternal chemicals?

In the context of a new scientific work under the termeternal chemicals are meant perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS). So it is customary to call a group of 4.7 thousand artificially created substances that cannot decompose in natural conditions and accumulate in large quantities in the body. The most famous of these substances is Teflon, which is part of the non-stick coating in cookware. Also eternal chemicals are used in paint for clothes, carpets and packaging.

Sources of perfluorinated chemicals

Large quantities of perfluorinated chemicalssubstances are contained in foams for extinguishing fires. Accumulating in the body of people, they can increase the risk of developing cancer, cause improper development of children, cause liver disease and provoke hormone problems.

Fire foam contains a huge amount of PFAS

How to get rid of eternal chemicals?

Long-term effects of exposure to perpetualchemicals on the human body are poorly understood. But scientists are trying to figure out how to get rid of them faster. Recently, researchers decided to find out how the concentration of eternal chemicals is affected by regular blood donation. To do this, they gathered a group of people who most often interact with fire extinguishing foam - firefighters became volunteers.

Some firefighters save lives not only during fires, but also by donating blood.

Participants of scientific work in the person of 285 firefighters weredivided into three groups. Rescuers from the first group donated blood every 1.5 months, the second became donors every 3 months, and the third simply did not donate. It turned out that blood donation helps firefighters from the first two categories to clear up to 30% of perfluorinated chemicals from their bodies.

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Benefits of blood donation

Without a doubt, this is very encouraging.opening. According to the authors of the scientific work, at least firefighters risk their health in order to save other lives. Regular blood donation can help them improve their health. Only at the moment it is not known whether cleaning the body of eternal chemicals gives any beneficial effect. After all, their effect on internal organs is studied extremely poorly. However, the firefighters themselves do not want to wait for news that these substances are deadly - if there is any risk, it is better to release the chemicals from the body.

We don't want these chemicalsentered our body. We don't want to be guinea pigs to see what happens to us in 10, 20, 30 years. Let's extract these chemicals," the firemen said.

Perhaps even more people will be interested in donating after this discovery

Donation helps cleanse the body ofchemicals, that's great news. But here's another question - how does donated blood affect the health of the people who receive it? At the very least, there is no system in place to filter the chemicals in the blood, so they clearly end up in other organisms. Scientists do not have an answer to this question, but they intend to conduct additional research to uncover this mystery. In any case, donated blood brings much more benefits and even saves lives. And the level of harm from eternal chemicals is not completely known and maybe they are not so scary.

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It should be noted that donor is not onlyblood, but also organs. Due to the lack of donor organs, doctors have to take them from animals - in Germany they even decided to raise pigs, whose organs are not rejected by the human body.